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While it’s true that a good accountancy service can help a business grow and thrive, it’s equally true that not every business looks to their accountants for exactly the same sort or level of service.
Some, like charities, have specialist accounting needs; others are much broader in their requirements. Some will want their accountants to be strategic business planners; others will simply want an efficient audit.

And it’s because we understand that business needs vary so much that we are able to tailor our services precisely to match the size, nature and character of each of our clients.

We believe that the real strength, and the real benefit, of our expertise and experience lies not just in its breadth and depth but in the way in which we fit them to your own particular case.

You might, for example, be just setting up in business. An exciting prospect but also one fraught with pitfalls for the unwary or inexperienced. So wise counselling and hand-in-hand guidance through such matters as self-employment, market research, business planning, taxation, national insurance, employment law, and how best to minimise the risks while maximising the opportunities will be vital.

Then again, you might already be an established firm but you are seeking to sharpen your profitability through better financial planning or more efficient accounting management. We’ll be able to plan your taxes for you, conduct the sort of audit that will help you identify where you can make savings or operating improvements, and introduce cost-effective accounting systems.

Alternatively, you could be at a turning point in your company’s fortunes and need advice on how to take the next step into further growth and development. Advice, perhaps, on developing your operations, expanding into new markets, re-organising financial structures, streamlining internal processes or pursuing investment opportunities; advice that is underpinned by long experience and that, most importantly of all, is objective and clear-sighted.

What we can bring to your business

No two businesses are the same. That’s why at Virash Bach and Co Ltd we take pride in offering all of our clients a service that is as individual as their business.
The real measure of the contribution we can make to your business lies in solving practical problems and in creating scope for growth and development.

To that end, we’ll make sure you are always on top of your finances, never buried by them.

We’ll advise you on cashflow so that it is you, rather than your bank manager, who manages your finances.

We’ll help plan your tax year so that you are never caught unawares by an invoice from the Treasury.

We’ll relieve you of the burden of handling acres of financial paperwork.

We’ll provide you with up to the minute financial information so that you are always ideally placed to make any commercial decisions that you need to. And we’ll offer you clear, objective advice in helping you come to the right decisions.

We’ll guide you through the advantages (and disadvantages) of any number of business issues, from leasing and purchasing to financial planning to starting a new enterprise to developing your existing business.

In other words, we’ll give you the freedom to run your business rather than have it run you!





A note from the Principal:

A recent survey asked a number of businesses to whom they were most likely to turn for advice and help. Top of the list for most was their accountants.

Pleasing news, I thought. Not because it delivered a collective pat on the back to our profession but because it so clearly vindicated our service philosophy here at Virash Bach and Co: advice, help, guidance.

Businesses, large and small, have to operate in a world of constant change and ever increasing opportunity. The way we see it, our role is to help clients handle the one and take advantage of the other.

And to do that you need more than number crunching and balance sheet analysis. What you need is a professional service that is informed and intelligent, perceptive and responsive, impartial but committed, objective but supportive.

And that, we like to think, is what you will get with Virash Bach and Co. Accounting for us is not simply the accumulation of financial facts; it is an understanding of exactly how a client’s business works and how our skills and expertise can be geared to helping it work even better.

With Virash Bach and Co, you won’t just be engaging an accountancy firm; you’ll be gaining a business partner.

In putting this site together, we wanted to exploit to the full the potential that the very latest web technologies have for extending and raising levels of interactivity between ourselves and our clients.

Embracing these technologies means we can make our services available in a way that fits in with the needs, ambitions and culture of your business. More than that, it allows us to keep both our practice and our clients at the forefront of a new age in commerce.

Viral Patel FCA





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