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Audit and Accounts
Form any businesses, understandably perhaps, an audit can look like just another unavoidable overhead; a

necessary feature of the financial landscape; a balance sheet statement of how things are.

But that, we at Virash Bach and Co believe, is accounting only in its narrowest sense. For us, an audit is a window into a company, a way of not only understanding a business in its details but also as a whole. Rather than simply a review process, an audit should be an opportunity to identify and collate vital information about a business, information that can be used to develop strengths and deal with any weaknesses.

Conducting an audit allows us to highlight areas in the system that can be improved or controls that can be sharpened up. It is an opportunity to find ways of increasing profitability or pinpoint possible savings.

In other words, a thorough but broad-ranging audit can provide a map of your business, a guide to the progress you have made and how to get to where you would like to be.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a sole trader, an ambitious start-up, an established partnership or an expanding limited company - our depth of experience means we can offer exactly the accounting and auditing service that will best serve your business.

Our accounting and auditing services include:

  • Manual and computerised bookkeeping
  • VAT return assistance
  • Annual accounts
  • Audits
  • Management accounts
  • Special investigation engagements


We are registered to carry on audit work in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Details of our audit registration can be viewed at reference number C001140917

Business and Corporate Services
As any business will testify, it’s a competitive world. And, increasingly, it’s complex one as well. So we have framed our business services to provide our clients with the support, advice and advantages needed to meet its challenges.

We can, of course, supply all the accounting solutions a business might need to call on, from corporate planning to cashflow forecasting, from financial restructuring to profit enhancement. We set equal store, however, by the general help we can give: we’re always on hand to talk over particular problems, assess new business opportunities or simply offer an objective view of an issue or proposition.

Our main area of expertise is in the owner managed business sector and our business services team has grown and adapted to meet the challenges of the ever-changing business environment.

Our business and corporate services include:

  • New business start ups
  • Corporate planning
  • Financial restructuring
  • Mergers and business cessation
  • Cash flow forecasts and budgeting
  • Profit enhancement
  • Finance and grant guidance

    New business start ups
    It’s a big step, starting up a business, and it pays to be as prepared as possible. However well researched the business idea, though, every new enterprise can benefit from some objective advice and guidance.

    We’re in the happy position of having helped many new businesses through those first demanding months. Years of experience means we can advise you on how to create a system for your business, whether you should be incorporated, where to apply for government grants and advice and how to go about securing financing.

    Corporate planning
    Planning ahead: it is something of a mantra for all successful businesses. But the problem is that the sheer demands of the day-to-day running of a business often make it difficult to see the wood for the trees or separate long term strategy from short term management. As a result, businesses risk basing their decisions on information that’s incomplete or losing out on opportunities they failed to spot.

    Virash Bach and Co Ltd are here to provide that crucial objective overview. We can give you an evaluation of where your business stands, examine the ways in which it can develop and set out a strategic plan for its future growth.

    Financial restructuring
    For most businesses, there comes a stage when they need to re-arrange their finances. It may be a matter of raising money to fund a new business drive or the development of a new service or product. It could be a question of additional investment either for expansion or consolidation.

    Whatever the specific circumstances, it is usually an important period in the history of a business, a time when sound, supportive advice is more essential than ever.

    Virash Bach and Co Ltd can help you shape your proposals in a way that lenders or investors will be looking for. We can create a tight, credible business plan along with cash flow forecasts. And we’ll support you in your approach to the financial institutions that are most likely to be interested in helping you.

    Mergers and business cessation
    Sometimes the best route open to a business is to merge with or buy another company. Both can be complicated, involved and time-expensive procedures. Research is vital, and any agreements need to be arrived at with care and well-informed consideration.

    So it’s re-assurring to know that we can put all our experience and expertise in this area at your disposal. Whether it’s a question of finding the capital, coming up with a merger plan, setting out the framework for negotiations, assessing prospective partners or creating a tax structure for the new enterprise, we can supply you with vital assistance.

    The same set of skills are available for owners who are looking at some point to sell or hand on their business. As well as evaluating the worth of your business, we can help find an appropriate (and reliable) buyer, ensure that you get the best (and most profitable) price, and oversee the sale.

    There are two important things to say about tax laws: they are always changing and they are invariaby complex. And what is true of business tax is just as true of personal tax.

    That is why expert guidance and advice is truly essential. While nobody would wish to pay the government anything less than it is due, nobody should pay more than they are required either.

    Over the years, our tax department has accumulated an invaluable array of skills required to produce intelligent, top quality tax planning. Planning, moreover, that doesn’t just offer quick-fix solutions but which is aimed firmly at setting your company’s tax affairs on a
    secure footing well into the future.

    Despite the mountainous detail of most legislation, tax can be resistant to absolute, black and white definition. Since there is sometimes scope for interpretation, the effective working relationship we have built up with the Inland Revenue stands us in good stead when it comes to resolving any issues of possible contention.

    The best solutions to financial management usually emerge, not from a partial view of a business, but from an understanding of it in its entirety. So we don’t behave as if personal and business tax are forever separate and distinct but, wherever appropriate, treat them as part of the same, efficient answer to your tax planning.

    Income Tax
    Self-assessment has made it more important than ever that individual taxpayers keep their tax affairs in good order. Not only can we help in preparing yearly tax returns, we can also ensure that there’s an ongoing, well-structured financial plan into which they fit.

    Business Tax
    We can provide advice on a wide range of business tax matters including corporate and partnership tax planning, corporate group structures and business successions.

    Capital Tax
    The Inheritance Tax threshold is now low enough to include a surprising number of people. We can produce a detailed review of your affairs and recommend a number of planning possibilities to reduce your overall liability. We can also help with retirement planning, pension planning, trust and estate planning and capital gains tax.

    Many businesses of a certain size find themselves on the horns of an accounting dilemma. Too small possibly to employ (or afford) a full time chartered accountant, but still big enough to generate some very demanding and time-consuming accounts.

    For businesses in such a position, an ideal, cost-saving solution might be outsourcing. All you do, in return for a negotiated monthly fee, is simply hand over all the paperwork to Virash Bach and Co.

    We’ll organise your financial systems, create an efficient accounting process that fits in with your business, track invoices, handle your VAT returns and produce monthly balances that allow you to see exactly how your finances stand. All without the additional expense of an in-house accountant.

     IT solutions



     We have a complete solution to your computerised accounting needs including:


    • Advice on system and financial software procurement,
    • Installation, support and training on many leading accounting packages such as:
      •    Quickbooks
      •    Sage
      •    Access
      •    MYOB
      •    Microsoft Accounting
      •    Platinum 
      •    Mamut
      •    IRIS
      •    Clearbooks
      •    Xero
      •    Orbit/Kashflow

                plus many more......

    Bespoke tailored MIS solutions