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Commitment and Partnership
A succesful relationship is based on commitment, understanding and partnership.

 Our Commitment

As a Virash Bach and Co Ltd client, you will have the right to expect a service that is in every respect exemplary of a modern practice. To make sure we meet your expectations, we have set out below a list of standards and principles to which we are committed at all times.


  • We will conduct our business dealings in an honest, open and professional manner.


  • We will never over-commit our practice in our service offerings, but always set realistic and achievable goals.


  • We will view our clients as long-term relationships and will continue to strive to keep abreast of the technology that will have an impact on your business


  • We will utilise proven techniques and methodology, and will not take unnecessary risks


  • We will continue to educate ourselves so we can offer our clients more


  • We will continue to work with you as your total business advisor and not merely as an accountant


  • We will continuously ask our clients for feedback on our performance so that we can correct any weaknesses and capitalise on our strengths


  • We will educate our staff and ensure that our dealings across the practice are courteous and professional


  • We will never send you an unexpected bill


  • We will give telephone and online support


  • We aim to return your accounts within 30 days provided you have supplied us with all of the information we require in the format agreed


  • If we miss the tax filing deadline and you have provided us with all of the required information on time we will pay your fine and do next year’s tax return free of charge


  • We will respond to your emails promply


  • We will not train juniors on your work


  • We do not screen calls and you will never be asked why you are calling


  • We have embraced IT and the Internet in order to offer a better service to our clients


  • We will help your business to benefit from our accounting services by minimising your tax
    liabilities and your accountancy fees


  • We will hold regular planning meetings with you. 


Our Partnership

Since all good business relationships are reciprocal, in return we will ask that you also make a certain number of commitments to us.


  • You will be open, frank and honest with us at all times


  • You will let us know immediately of any concerns or issues you have about our work together


  • You will give us all the information we need to do the work


  • You will give us access to your team within the timeframes and for the reasons we agree upon


  • You will make time available to work on the items you’ve agreed to work on


  • You agree to listen to the advice we offer (and we acknowledge your right to reject that advice)


  • You will pay your account as agreed and on time.